Certified shim set (Thin)

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Certified Test Shim Set (Thin)

A complete set of five (5) NIST Traceable OICM Certified plastic reference test shims for checking calibration and operation accuracy of all magnetic and electronic coating thickness gauges. For use with magnetic, eddy-current and ultrasonic coating thickness gauges.

(Not intended for use with magnetic pull-off type gages).

Calibration certificate is traceable to National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST). Manufactured and certified by Oxford Instruments.

Approved for military or industrial companies. Ideal for thin coating applications.

Approximate thickness of shims:

~ 0.2 mil (5 µm), ~ 0.5 mil (12.5 µm), ~ 1.0 mil (25 µm), ~ 2.0 mil (50 µm), ~ 3.0 mil (75 µm)